CBBA and Shiho Karano Information Page

Christian Black Belt Association

The Christian Black Belt Association (CBBA), was founded in 1970 by Soke Clement G. Riedner.

It is a non-profit Christian organization for the purpose of ministering through the martial arts. The CBBA provides fellowship and help to those who hold rank in the martial arts, and also assistance to Pastors and churches in establishing outreach programs through the martial arts.

The CBBA provides a place for Instructors to fellowship and associate with other Christian Instructors, and can provide many teaching aids and training materials with a Christian perspective.

There is a newsletter, bible study materials and evangelistic program materials available through the CBBA.

The CBBA can also provide martial arts training, Instructor certification and promotion through its many resources.

Personalized advanced training is also available through clinics by Soke Riedner and various Shihan from the organization.

Shiho Karano Kai International

The Shiho Karano Kai International was founded by Soke Riedner in 1982.

It is an organization created to provide a structure under which all the promotions and activities of both itself and the CBBA can be supervised.

It is also an organization for those who wish to be involved in with Soke Riedner and his high standards of martial arts integrity and training, but do not necessarily hold to the same Christian beliefs as the CBBA.

For more information on either the Christian Black Belt Association or the Shiho Karano Kai International, please E-mail Soke Riedner.

Shiho Karano Ryu

While the CBBA and SKKI are martial arts organizations, the Shiho Kara-no Ryu is the actual home of the martial arts style founded and taught by Soke Clement G. Riedner.

However according to the original concept of the term "Ryu", rather than just a single style the Shiho Karano Ryu actually teaches four branches of its art, each maintaining the same concepts and philosophy.

The four branches of Shiho Kara-no Ryu are:

Whole Armor Martial Arts teaches Shiho Karano Karate, an effective traditional martial art.

For more information about the Shiho Karano Ryu visit the web site here.

The Shiho Karano Name and Logo


One important aspect of Shiho Karano is seen in it's name which can mean "The Four Directions (or Ways), of Emptiness".

1) The first area or direction of emptiness is SPIRITUAL Only when we are empty of our own righteousness can we be open to the the righteousness of God in Christ.

2) The second area of emptiness is MENTAL. If we are full of preconceived ideas or false notions we can not fully perceive and react to an opponents attack.

3) The third area of emptiness is PHYSICAL. We Americans often place too much reliance on physical skill, being overly technique oriented. Over-reliance on our physical abilities alone may actually result in defeat.

4) The fourth area of emptiness is KNOWLEDGE. The more we learn, the more we should realize how little we actually know, Shiho Karano takes an open approach to knowledge, seeking to learn from all.


Another important aspect of Shiho Karano can be seen in the logo. Shiho Karano can also mean "Circle Of Readiness" or "4 Way Defense". The logo of Shiho Karano expresses this concept very well.

The symbol is encompassed by a circle, reflecting continuous motion and flow.
In the circle are 4 arrows, each giving the impression of motion.

The arrows are moving to the left, expressing an openness to knowledge.

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power
of his might. Put on the Whole Armor of God, that you may be
able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Ephesians 6:10-11